The Strength of Apples in Our health

Everyone would love to apples as favors and refreshing, but it also possessed a substance that apple is very good for our health. Apples also as the herbal medicine, Apples contain lots of vitamin B and C, minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron and chlorine.
Efficacy apples:
- Reduces constipation, improve digestion
- Reduce gallstones and artitis (rheumatoid arthritis)
- Reduce Cholesterol
- Good for gum health
there are the power of apple to our health, so don't avoid this fruits.

Ginger for cancer therapy

GINGER is a medicinal plant or what we call herbal remedies that can be used to kill ovarian cancer cells while the components contained in the chili could be expected to shrink or shrink pancreatic tumors. So says Dr. Rebecca Liu, assistant professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, the U.S., and his team, who have tested ginger powder dissolved and applied to ovarian cancer cell cultures.

The study states that there is evidence of a variety of spicy or hot foods beneficial to inhibit the growth of cancer. The study examined the effectiveness of ginger against cancer cells. Nonetheless, this study is the first step.
It is said, ginger can kill cancer cells by two roads, namely the destruction process called apoptosis and autophagy, the process of cell feeds. It outlined the experts in the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

According to Dr. Rebecca, many cancer patients who are resistant to standard chemotherapy, in which the action of chemotherapy is the process of apoptosis. While ginger has the ability to take cells (autophagy) can help those who are resistant to chemotherapy.

American Cancer Society reported ovarian cancer kills 16,000 of 22,000 U.S. women. Ginger is proven to control the inflammatory state, which is associated with the development of ovarian cancer cells.

In another study using rats given capsaicin (a compound in chili peppers), Sanjay Srivastava of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA, found that capsaicin was able to turn off pancreatic cancer cells. Capsaicin make cancer cells die and have the ability to reduce tumor size.


Tomato For Acne Medication

On the last occasion, we have discussed about the advantages of tomatoes for the health of our bodies. Well, besides that, it turns out tomatoes than we can use for the treatment of the disease, it turns out tomatoes also have other benefits that are not less important to us; satulah only as an acne cure

This time we will discuss tomatoes are tomatoes that we can use and use to get rid of acne and blackheads. Often the wanit certainly always want to look fresh and beautiful to be able to meet with all you people, now for young women in particular must have breakouts dong, well it turns out that there are pimples and blackheads on the face of this we get rid of our bus with tomatoes you know.

How do I? Quite easy, Tomatoes cut in half, then in the rub-rub kewajah with acne. Let stand until 1 hour then rinse thoroughly.
Hopefully some small tips above can be useful for you all

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Benefits of Eating Honey

Do you like to eat honey? If you like, continue your habits are. As it turns from honey, we get a lot of the benefits of honey in our bodies. Why can? Because honey contains a variety of substances and vitamins that are necessary for our body in our daily activities. Honey is one of the traditional medicine that is easy for us to get anywhere and anytime. Well, on this occasion, I will try to give you information about what are the benefits that can be obtained from the honey we consume
1. Benefits of Honey for Hair loss: People with hair loss
2. Benefits of Honey for Bladder Infection
3. Benefits of Honey for Toothache
4. Benefits of Honey for Cholesterol
5. Benefits of Honey for Colds

It is a one and a few that we can feel the benefits of consuming honey. Hope can be useful for those of you who are looking for traditional alternative drugs to treat such diseases as mentioned above several with honey

Efficacy Young Corn

Corn is one crop that popular in Indonesia. Nice addition to boiled, baked, or used as popcorn, corn is still young turned out to have remarkable properties. In addition to the fruit / meat young corn, corn silk has also for the health benefits.

Several types of diseases cured by trusted DAPT corn are: Stone Injal, Gallstones, high blood pressure.

Water boiled corn cobs and hair can dissolve kidney stones. In addition, it is also useful steeping treat gallstone disease, and high blood pressure.
Kidney Stones
Ingredients: 4 young corn cobs, corn 1 handful of hair, Keji Beling fresh leaves 8 pieces
Directions: All ingredients boiled in 110 ml of water. Boiled water taken once daily, for 14 days. After the stone out, either in the form of pebbles, beads or foam, treatment should be immediately discontinued, and then forwarded to drink Jamu and Meniran Cats Whisker. Way, take 30 grams each leaf and leaf cat whiskers meniran, brewed as tea.

Ingredients: Corn on the cob 5 young, fresh herbs Cats Whisker 5 grams
Directions: All ingredients boiled with 110 ml of water. Boiled water taken once daily, for 14 days.

High Blood Pressure
Ingredients: 5-7 young corn cobs, corn 1 handful Hair
Directions: All ingredients boiled with 110 ml of water. Boiled water taken once daily, for 7 days.

You should look, do not use too much corn silk as a drug, because it can lower blood tekanand drastically in a short time.

The Benefit of Banana Skin For Health

for  you who like a tropical fruit native to this one, go on, because it will not hurt you eating a banana is rich in vitamins and minral was, however turned out to be behind the fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals turns banana peel can also be utilized without the need in waste. Of a study in the American states that there are many benefits that can be derived from this one banana. Some of the benefits of a banana skin for a healthy body are:

1. Relieves pain
Vegetable oils contained in the banana peel has a certain compound is efficacious as a pain reliever. Stick the banana skin clean and fresh to relieve pain in burns or scratches.

2. Overcoming itch
Itching from insect bites or allergies can be treated with a mild banana skin. The way is to put them on the surface of the skin that itch.

3. treating warts
Banana peel is believed to have antiviral activity, so many are using it to drive the warts from the skin surface. You do this by placing a banana peel, then arrested with plaster and allowed to heal by itself.

4. Accelerate wound healing
Wound was dry itchy flaky dead skin as closed are hardening. The flakes can be removed more quickly just by applying a banana skin, because it will react with the enzymes contained therein.

Hopefully a few points about the benefits of the banana peel benefit for you.