Salak Fruit for Health Benefits

Fruits that have a rough texture which is derived outside of mainland Southeast Asia. Salak there are a variety of types and variety ranging from salak salak designation for the area jogja also called bark bark Mulberry Sumatera area is very popular.

The content of all fruits good for the health of our bodies, which can be used as an alternative medicine. Content of fruits contained in the content of nutrients and phytonutrients that help the process berpotnesi in kta diet. in the fruits also contained 2mg vitamin C, tannins and fiber. for it, the fruits are very beneficial for those who are in a diet program. Moreover, it turns out fruits also believe society as a diarrhea remedy.

The fiber content in fruits believed to inhibit diarrhea us, so some people like to consume their bark for the treatment of diarrhea. In addition to regular bleak consumed edible, bark juice can also be made know. This was in part some of the benefits of fruits for the content of the health of our bodies. May be useful.


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